Legal fields

The main profile of the Winkler, Barna & Associates Lawyer’s Office is the corporate law

Our clients being in a permanent legal relationship with us are the players of all the areas of business life. During the full scope company representation we provide permanent representation of companies specializedin computer technical – information technical, book publishing, food industrial and commercial, leading clothing, agricultural-wine growing, construction industrial, marketing advisory, liquidation and financial advisory, international special transportation and forwarding and real estate rental activities. Significant part of our clients consist of Hungarian mid and large companies, which can be considered as a significant factor of the market segment represented by them. According to the full scope representation, our office prepares and maintains the whole contract package of the Clients, handles their outstanding debts and is at their disposal referring to all types of legal issues which can occur. We follow up and assist in closing of business deals already in their negotiation phase. We provide representation of our Clients in litigation and out of legal proceedings, assist their work by continuous legal advising which includes giving opinion on the contracts prepared by Clients’ partners.

An important part of the permanent representation is the labor law related expert advisory activity, in the frame of which we represent our Clients during the labor law related legal disputes, as well. We have wide scope professional experience in the tax planning and advisory work related to legal deals. We assist in our Clients work in the field of public procurement law. In addition to the above listed, we also deal with the protection of intellectual products (trademarks, etc.) and author’s rights in which fields we acquired our expertise during the representation of clients specialized on book publishing, computer technical and IT activities and food industrial trade. Our office participated in several such real estate development project where we cooperated in the licensing-re-qualification procedures, credit related deals and selling. We are experienced in the classic M&A(MergeandAcquisition)legal field,including especially the development of the business structure and the execution of legal reviews preceding the closing of the deals. Our Clients can contact us with confidence also in the issues related to law of inheritance or family law. In there fields we prefer the personal negotiations, mediation and coming to agreement. 

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